RAILV3 sliding rails

Set of 2 RAILV3 sliding rails to be installed in your wine cellar so that the fixed shelves become sliding (depending on compatibility).

Catégorie :

Sliding rails for your shelves

The rails offer the possibility to transform your fixed shelves into sliding shelves, and thus allow you to benefit from a better accessibility to your bottles. Ideal for a more functional and ergonomic cellar!

On which shelves do the RAILV3 fit?

The sliding rails fit the following racks: COLLECTOR1/62, COLLECTOR1/70, PREMIUM1/62, PREMIUM1/70 or CLASSIQUE2/62.

Additional information

Dimensions brutes

W 72,3 x D 10,3 x H 3,2 cm

Dimensions nettes

W 50,2 x D 3 x H 1,7 cm

Poids brut

0,70 kg

Poids net

0,59 kg

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