Low cellar drawer for champagne BOX26

Preserve your Champagnes with Elegance: Discover the BOX26 Sapelli Drawer


Offering perfect storage space for up to 16 bottles of champagne, the BOX26 Sapelli drawer is a sophisticated addition to your wine cellar. Made from high quality sapelli, this drawer combines durability and aesthetics, adding a touch of sophistication to your tasting space. Supplied assembled for added convenience, it fits easily into the bottom of your wine cellar, providing a practical and stylish storage solution for your precious champagne collection.

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Preserve and enhance your Champagnes with the BOX26 Sapelli Drawer


Discover the BOX26 Sapelli drawer, specially designed for champagne lovers. With its 16-bottle storage capacity, it offers the perfect space for preserving and showcasing your favourite champagne collection.


Elegance and optimum storage


Made from high-quality sapele, this drawer combines elegance and durability. Its smooth finish and beautiful wood tones add a touch of sophistication to your wine cellar, creating a refined environment for your precious bottles. The BOX26 drawer is specially designed to fit perfectly into the bottom of your wine cellar, maximising the use of available space. Its 16-bottle capacity allows you to store your champagne selection with care, keeping them at an ideal temperature for optimum preservation.


Easy installation and delivery


For your convenience, the BOX26 drawer is delivered fully assembled. No need to worry about assembly or finding the right tools. Simply place it at the bottom of your wine cellar and start filling this beautiful case with your favourite bottles.

Compatibility and flexibility


The BOX26 sapele drawer is perfectly suited to various wine cellar models. It is compatible with the Avintage references: DVA265PA+ and DVP265G. Simply take advantage of its versatility and flexibility to organise your champagne collection according to your preferences.

Dimensions and weight


Net dimensions (WxDxH cm): 51 x 38.5 x 26
Net weight (kg): €3.70

Additional information

Dimensions brutes (LxPxH cm)

52,5 x 40,5 x 27,5

Dimensions nettes (LxPxH cm)

51 x 38,5 x 26

Poids net (kg)


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