Lava stones

Optimise Wine Preservation with Lava Stones


Lava stones are essential tools for maintaining optimum storage conditions in your wine cellar. Their ability to regulate humidity ensures an ideal environment for preserving the quality of your bottles. Easy to use and versatile, these stones are an essential choice for any wine lover concerned about preserving their collection.

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Optimise your Wine Storage with Lava Stones


Lava stones are essential for regulating the humidity inside multi-purpose wine cellars. Their natural porosity allows them to absorb and release residual humidity, ensuring that the average hygrometry required for optimum conservation of your precious vintages is perfectly maintained.

Easy and versatile to use


To take advantage of their benefits, simply moisten the lava stones and place them in their box or in the condensate drain at the bottom of your wine cellar. Once in place, they actively help to preserve the quality of your wine collection by ensuring optimum humidity balance.


An Essential Accessory for Wine Lovers


Whether you’re an enthusiastic wine lover or an experienced collector, lava stones are a valuable investment in ensuring that your bottles are perfectly preserved. Their ease of use and effectiveness make them an essential part of your wine cellar equipment.

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Dimensions brutes (LxPxH cm)

22 x 11 x 0

Dimensions nettes (LxPxH cm)

22 x 11 x 0

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