Solid wood shelving UNIVERSELLE1/70

Perfect stability and a trendy design for your wine cellar


Discover the UNIVERSELLE1/70 solid wood rack, the perfect accessory for your wine cellar. Its trendy design ensures perfect stability for your bottles, preventing unwanted vibrations. With a capacity of 13 bottles, this rack lets you optimise space while keeping your wines within easy reach. Compatible with several references, you can personalise your wine cellar according to your preferences. The sliding rails included make installation easy for a hassle-free experience. Its compact dimensions fit easily into your wine cellar, adding a touch of elegance. Protect and enhance your collection with this quality SAPELLI solid wood rack.

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Elegant styling for unrivalled stability


Give your bottles a secure rest with the UNIVERSELLE1/70 solid wood rack, specially designed to meet the storage requirements of wine enthusiasts. Its fashionable design and solid wood construction add a touch of elegance to your wine room. This rack guarantees perfect stability for your bottles, preserving their quality by avoiding potentially harmful vibrations.

Maximise storage with style: the UNIVERSELLE1/70 rack can hold up to 13 bottles, allowing you to maximise the space in your wine cellar while maintaining an elegant design. Its ingenious design can accommodate a variety of bottle sizes while maintaining stability. Whether it’s red, white or champagne, this rack is the ideal accessory for keeping your bottles within easy reach, ready to be enjoyed at any time.


Customise your wine cellar with the UNIVERSELLE rack


Unrivalled versatility: the UNIVERSELLE1/70 rack is compatible with several references, including DHA305PA, DVA305PA+, DVP305G and DVA305G. So you can personalise your wine cellar by choosing the references that match your collection and your preferences. Take advantage of this flexibility to create a unique storage space that reflects your passion for wine.

Easy installation thanks to the sliding rails included: the UNIVERSELLE1/70 rack comes with RAILV3 sliding rails for easy installation.
You’ll have no trouble fitting it into your wine cellar.These rails ensure smooth insertion and removal of the rack, giving you quick access to your favourite bottles.Take advantage of this convenience to organise your wine cellar efficiently.

Compact dimensions for harmonious integration


With dimensions of 59 cm wide, 55.5 cm deep and 3 cm high, the UNIVERSELLE1/70 rack fits perfectly into your wine cellar.Its light weight of 1.16 kg makes it easy to install.
So you can choose this rack with confidence, knowing that it will fit seamlessly into your existing storage space while optimising its capacity.
Protect and enhance your collection: the UNIVERSELLE1/70 rack in SAPELLI is the ideal choice for wine lovers who want to protect and enhance their precious collection. Its solid wood construction ensures optimum strength and durability, while adding a touch of elegance to your wine cellar.

Additional information

Dimensions brutes (LxPxH cm)

61 x 57,5 x 3

Dimensions nettes (LxPxH cm)

59 x 55,5 x 3

Poids brut (kg)


Poids net (kg)


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