Organise your wine cellar with elegance


The UNIVERSAL1/62 rack offers an elegant and practical storage solution for your precious bottles of wine. Made from solid wood, it guarantees optimum stability while adding a touch of sophistication to your wine cellar. With its 11-bottle capacity and clever design, this rack lets you make the most of the space in your wine cellar while preserving the quality of your collection. Its easy installation and compatibility with several Avintage references make it an ideal choice for wine lovers who want to protect and enhance their collection.

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Optimise storage space with the UNIVERSELLE1/62 rack


Offering a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, the solid wood UNIVERSELLE1/62 rack is an essential item for any wine lover concerned about preserving the quality of their collection. Its trendy design and solid wood construction ensure perfect stability for your bottles, preventing unwanted vibrations that could spoil the taste of your wine.

Generous capacity and flexibility of use


With a capacity of 11 bottles, the UNIVERSELLE1/62 rack lets you make the most of the space in your wine cellar while keeping your wines within easy reach. Its clever design can accommodate different bottle sizes, offering maximum flexibility for organising your collection according to your preferences. Whether you have bottles of red wine, white wine or champagne, this rack is designed to meet all your storage needs.


Compatibility and easy installation


Compatible with several Avintage references such as DHA305PA, DVA305PA+, DVP305G, DVA305G, the UNIVERSELLE1/62 rack allows you to personalise your wine cellar according to your preferences and your bottle collection. What’s more, it comes with RAILV3 sliding rails for convenient, hassle-free installation. These rails make it easy to insert and remove the rack, giving you quick access to your favourite bottles.

Harmonious integration and collection enhancement


With compact dimensions of 51 x 55.5 x 3 cm and a light weight of 1.16 kg, the UNIVERSELLE1/62 rack fits perfectly into your existing wine cellar. Its high-quality solid wood construction elegantly protects and enhances your collection. Give your bottles a presentation worthy of their quality with the UNIVERSELLE1/62 rack.

Additional information

Dimensions brutes (LxPxH cm)

52,5 x 59 x 3

Dimensions nettes (LxPxH cm)

51 x 55,5 x 3

Poids brut (kg)


Poids net (kg)


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