The world of the ageing cellar

Intelligent technology, allowing a natural airflow that respects your bottles

AVINTAGE ageing cellars operate using a fanless system. Outside air is drawn into the cellar via the carbon filter, giving it the ability to filter the air to bring healthy, odor-free air to the cellar. interior of the cellar.
Our wine cellars are equipped with a permanent air cycle. You can thus let your wines age quietly thanks to the renewal of interior air which allows the perfect development of your bottles.

Controlled and intelligent hygrometry

Our ageing wine cellars are composed of a metal tank, for better performance of the interior humidity of the cellar. In addition, they are equipped with the hydrodynamic system, automatically regulating the interior humidity level without any adding water.

The fight against vibrations in 4 steps

To protect your wines from vibrations, the slow-cycle compressors of aging cellars are equipped with special shock absorbers called silent-blocks”. The shelves fitted to our wine cabinets are made of solid wood and absorb vibrations better than a standard shelf. Our fixed shelf supports are fitted with rubber pads that also absorb vibrations.

The extreme cold safety function

Our ageing wine cellars are designed to take care of your bottles, even in colder periods. When the ambient temperature is below 5°C, the extreme cold safety function is activated to protect your wines from low temperatures.

State-of-the-art electronic management

DIVA EVOLUTION wine cellars are all equipped with color touchscreen control panels allowing CLIMACONTROL electronic management by LCD display of data such as:

Enhanced security

At AVINTAGE, we know that this range of devices is intended for the storage of valuables. For this reason, we have taken care to select quality components, and we have designed manufacturing techniques to ensure optimal operating safety. All of our freestanding wine cabinets are equipped with locks and temperature alarms so you don’t take any risks with your finest bottles.

Personalization with accessories

If they are ultra-sophisticated, the AVINTAGE wine cellars do not neglect the finishing of the accessories. Indeed, you can choose and change the number of shelves according to the desired configuration. You are free to design all the possible configurations and thus customize your wine cellar to your image and your needs.

Avintage X Vinotag

All AVINTAGE wine cellars are compatible with Vinotag®, the wine cellar management app.

Location of your bottles

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Esommelier® Assisted Placement

Recognition of your bottles

Stock alert and peak date

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