How to choose your wine cellar

Choosing a wine cellar may seem complicated, but rest assured, we are here to help! Each wine cellar has its own characteristics and performance to meet a particular use.

Tips for choosing a cellar

To help you choose your wine cellar, Avintage would like to give you some advice and ask you some essential questions to guide you in your search but also to help your project mature.

Which use?

What will your wine cellar be used for? In other words, what do you want to do with your wine? Do you want to age it until it reaches maturity and the peak of the vintage, or do you want to store different wines at the ideal temperature for tasting?

Which installation?

Will the room where your cellar is installed be heated? As we explained at the beginning of this article, to store a cellar in an unheated room, it must be equipped with a heating system to maintain the temperature set in the cellar in the event of a sudden drop in the ambient temperature. This system is not necessary for an installation in a living room.

How many bottles?

How many bottles do you want to store? If you already think you can quickly fill a 30-bottle cellar, we strongly advise you to think about investing directly in a 50-60 bottle capacity. Indeed, we can assure you that storing wine at home is so pleasant that you will find many opportunities to buy more! The same is true for larger capacities: if your collection already flirts with 120 bottles, don't think too small at the risk of regretting it very quickly (especially in the context of wine ageing where the purchase of new châteaux and vintages is often done by complete case of 6 bottles).

What budget?

What budget are you willing to invest in a wine cellar? This is an important criterion that will also allow you to refine the selection of wine cellars adapted to your expectations.