Bottom drawer for champagne BOX26XL

Optimise your storage with the BOX26XL Sapelli Drawer


Give your collection of champagne bottles the storage they deserve with the BOX26XL Sapelli Drawer. With a generous capacity for up to 18 bottles, this elegant and functional drawer is perfect for preserving your precious bottles in the best possible conditions. Thanks to its meticulous design and its compatibility with various Avintage wine cellar references, it offers a practical and aesthetic storage solution for your champagne collection.

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Preserve your Champagne Bottles with Elegance: Discover the BOX26XL Sapelli Drawer


Offering ideal storage space for your bottles of champagne, the BOX26XL Sapelli Drawer fits perfectly into the bottom of your cellar, providing a practical and attractive storage solution. With its generous capacity of up to 18 bottles, you can build up a reserve worthy of a connoisseur.

Optimal storage for your bottles of Champagne


The BOX26XL Sapelli Drawer is specially designed to keep your bottles of champagne in the best possible condition. Made from Sapelli, a superior quality wood, it offers natural insulation that preserves the freshness and quality of your precious nectar. Whether you’re a passionate connoisseur or an experienced collector, this drawer will allow you to enjoy your champagne in all its splendour, without altering its subtle aromas and intoxicating effervescence.

Practical and aesthetic storage


Combining functionality and aesthetics, the BOX26XL Sapelli Drawer easily adapts to the space available in your cellar thanks to its clear-cut dimensions of 59 x 38.5 x 26 cm. Its meticulous design and top-of-the-range finish add a touch of elegance to your storage environment. Delivered assembled, it’s ready to use straight away, allowing you to organise your collection of champagne bottles in style.


Compatibility and Logistical Features


Compatible with various Avintage wine cellar references, such as DHA305PA, DVA305PA+, DVP305G and DVA305G, the BOX26XL Sapelli Drawer can be easily integrated into your existing storage system. With a net weight of 3.70 kg and practical dimensions, it is easy to handle and install according to your specific needs.

Additional information

Dimensions brutes (LxPxH cm)

60,3 x 40,5 x 27,5

Dimensions nettes (LxPxH cm)

59 x 38,5 x 26

Poids net (kg)


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