LATERAL SHELF 1/70 solid wood shelf

Optimise your storage space with the LATERAL SHELF 1/70 rack


The SAPELLI solid wood LATERAL SHELF 1/70 offers an elegant solution for displaying your wine collection. Its construction guarantees perfect stability and its trendy design prevents unwanted vibrations. With a capacity of 11 bottles, this rack allows you to maximise the use of space while ensuring an organised and sophisticated presentation of your bottles. The included sliding rails offer optimum accessibility, allowing you to browse your collection with ease. Add a touch of elegance to your wine cellar with this quality rack.

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Personalise your wine cellar with the LATERAL SHELF 1/70 rack


The SAPELLI solid wood LATERAL SHELF 1/70 is the perfect accessory for showcasing your wine collection. Its design guarantees perfect stability, preserving the quality of your precious bottles. With its trendy design, this rack offers an elegant presentation while avoiding unwanted vibrations.


Elegant, organised presentation


With its 11-bottle capacity, the LATERAL SHELF 1/70 rack lets you present your collection in an elegant and organised way. Don’t let your bottles get lost in the shadows, give them a special place in your wine cellar. Its clear-cut dimensions of 59 x 55.5 x 3 cm are perfect for small spaces, without compromising its refined look.


Sliding rails for optimum accessibility


The LATERAL SHELF 1/70 is equipped with RAILV3 sliding rails, providing incomparably easy access to your bottles. Browse your collection at a glance, consult labels with ease and choose the perfect wine for every occasion. Thanks to these practical rails, you can make the most of your passion for wine without any extra effort.

Additional information

Dimensions brutes (LxPxH cm)

61 x 57,5 x 3

Dimensions nettes (LxPxH cm)

59 x 55,5 x 3

Poids brut (kg)


Poids net (kg)


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