Set of 5 labels for wine racks

This set of 5 reusable labels allows you to easily identify your wine bottles and helps you to classify them in your wine cellar.


Labels to identify your bottles!

These labels are simply positioned on the shelves of your Avintage wine cellar and thus ensure the identification of your bottles at a glance. They do not need to be fixed, they just slip into the small groove of some shelves.

To write on them, nothing could be simpler: a simple chalk is enough. You can then reuse your labels as often as you like.

Which racks are they suitable for?

The Avintage wine cellar labels (here sold in packs of 5) are compatible with the following racks:

  • PREMIUM 1/62 ;
  • PREMIUM 1/70;
  • CLASSIC 2/62.

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