CLASSIQUE 2/62 steel wire shelf

CLASSIQUE 2/62 steel wire shelf and a black wooden pediment for a freestanding wine cellar.

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The CLASSIQUE 2/62 shelf

Each wine cellar model has its own type of shelf! The CLASSIQUE 2/62 shelf has been designed as an alternative to solid wood shelves to accommodate a maximum number of bottles while ensuring perfect stability.

Mixing shelf styles

To give your wine cellar even more style, especially if it has a glass door, dare to mix styles and materials by alternating steel wire shelves and wooden shelves! Visually, your wine cellar will be much more attractive with the addition of a UNIVERSELLE or COLLECTOR shelf, or even a PRESENTATION KIT for bottles in a semi-recumbent position.

With which wine cellar is the CLASSIQUE 2/62 shelf compatible?

The steel wire shelf, an essential accessory for freestanding wine cellars, is compatible with the following Avintage cellars: DVA265PA+ / DVP265G.

Additional information

Dimensions brutes

W 60,5 x D 57,5 x H 5,5 cm

Dimensions nettes

W 51 x D 55 x H 3 cm

Poids brut

1,92 kg

Poids net

1,46 kg

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