Presentation kit for PRESENTATION62 shelf

Opt for an elegant presentation of your bottles in your wine cellar thanks to the wooden presentation kit 62, adaptable to the PREMIUM1/62 shelf!

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Presentation kit: Put your bottles on display!

Do you want to show off your bottles while preserving optimal storage? The presentation shelf will allow you to combine elegance and practicality.

Which accessories is the presentation kit compatible with?

The PRESENTATION62 kit, an essential accessory for wine cellars, is compatible with the following Avintage accessories:

  • Adaptable to PREMIUM 1/62 shelves
  • Compatible with the RAILV3 sliding rails

Additional information

Dimensions brutes

W 52,5 x D 57,7 x H 13 cm

Dimensions nettes

W 51 x D 46,5 x H 12 cm

Poids brut

2,15 kg

Poids net

1,95 kg

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