Activated charcoal filter FILTER1

For a perfectly healthy air, we recommend an annual replacement of the activated charcoal filter. Compatible with all Avintage ageing and multipurpose models.

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What is the purpose of a charcoal filter in your cellar?

In order to purify the air inside your Avintage ageing cellar or multi-purpose cellar, consider using a FILTRE1 activated charcoal filter. Indeed, it allows you to rid the air of its impurities and bad smells.

When should I change my charcoal filter?

For optimal operation, it should be replaced once a year. In this way, your wines will be able to develop in a healthy environment without any risk of deterioration.

With which cellars is the FILTRE1 compatible?

The FILTRE1 is compatible with all models of ageing wine cellars, as well as some multipurpose models.

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