Stainless steel plinth SSPL15

Add this stainless steel plinth, 15 cm wide, to your built-in wine cellar!

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A stainless steel skirting board for your wine cellar

Add this stainless steel skirting board, 15 cm wide, to your built-in wine cellar!

Which wine cellar is the SSPL15 stainless steel skirting compatible with?

The stainless steel skirting board, an essential accessory for built-in wine cellars, is compatible with the following Avintage cellar: AVU8TXA.

Additional information

Dimensions brutes

W 20,5 x D 16 x H 10 cm

Dimensions nettes

W 22 x H 11 cm

Poids brut

0,28 kg

Poids net

0,18 kg

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