AVI60FPREMIUM – Double zone serving cellar – 36 bottles

The Avintage AVI60FPREMIUM wine cellar is a column-mounted, dual-zone serving cellar. It holds 36 bottles of wine. Showcase your finest bottles in your kitchen and personalise your cellar with alternating storage compartments!

It fits into a cabinet fitted with a classic built-in oven niche, and comes in a standard size: 60 (H) x 60 (W).

 Compatible with Vinotag

Integrated column wine cellar

The Avintage AVI60FPREMIUM wine cellar is a double-compartment, column-mounted serving cellar. It can hold 36 bottles of wine.

What’s the advantage of a dual-zone cellar?

The AVI60FPREMIUM integrated wine cellar is dual-zone, which means that the 2 zones can be set independently of each other. You can set the temperature to between 5° and 12°C in the upper zone and 12° to 20°C in the lower zone. Your best bottles of wine will be stored at the same temperature. Whether red, white or rosé, you can store all these wines in a single cellar and enjoy them at the ideal temperature to fully appreciate their aromas.

The AVI60FPREMIUM wine cellar – integrated and functional

The AVI60FPREMIUM wine cellar has a handleless glass door and can be integrated into your kitchen as a column unit. Supplied with 3 multi-position sliding wooden shelves, your bottles are easy to access and attractively presented.

Multi-position shelves

The AVI60FPREMIUM comes with multi-position shelves so you can show off your best bottles in your kitchen. You can personalise your wine cellar with different positioning options for your bottles.

Equipped with the PUSH-PULL system

You no longer need a handle to open and close your wine cellar door: just press lightly on the left-hand corner of the door and that’s it.

Manage your wine cellar register with the Vinotag® app!

The Vinotag® app lets you set up a digital wine cellar register. Be alerted to your stock levels and the peak dates of your bottles so you can enjoy the full flavour of your wine when it reaches maturity.

Thanks to our partnership with Vivino®, you can access detailed wine information simply by taking a photo of your bottle labels before placing them in your cellar.

Then tell the app where you’d like to place your bottle, so you can find it effortlessly when you need it.

It has the following features:

  • Fully glazed triple-glazed door with UV protection
  • 3 multi-position sliding wooden shelves
  • White electronic thermometer
  • White LED lighting
  • Energy class: F
  • Noise level: 38 dB
  • Cooling system: compressor (stirred cooling)

One cellar, two designs

The AVI60FPREMIUM wine cellar is also available in a classic handle version under the reference AVI60CDZF.

Additional information

Capacity (bottles)

36 bottles

Product categories

1 to 49 bottles

Energy class

Class F

Product categories


Size of the niche

L 54,5 x P 54,5 x H 59,5 cm

Size of the cellar

W 59.0 x D 56.0 x H 59.5

Reversible door


Cooling system

Fan assisted cooling

Product categories


Use of the cellar


Product categories

Double zone

Product categories


Noise level dB

38 dB

Product categories

60 cm niche

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