DVA265PA+ – Ageing wine cellar free standing – 264 bottles

The Avintage DVA265PA+ ageing wine cellar is the perfect combination of showcasing your bottles and storing them in the best possible conditions and can accommodate 264 bottles of wine.

 Compatible avec Vinotag

PREMIUM ageing cellar

Designed for true connoisseurs and demanding collectors, the DVA265PA+ ageing wine cellar is exclusively designed to preserve your finest bottles for a long time and allow them to slowly reach their full potential. It offers your wines all the conditions – temperature stability, absence of vibration, darkness, humidity, pure air – reproducing the environment of an ideal natural cellar.

Functional DVA265PA+ wine cellar

The DVA265PA+ wine cellar holds 264 bottles of wine and has a solid black door with a glass look. Supplied with 5 fixed premium shelves, your bottles are easily accessible and aesthetically presented.

A cellar register

The solid door ensures perfect thermal insulation to offer total darkness to your wine bottles. It has a silk-screened “cellar register” counter door, so managing your wine cellar becomes easier!

Cold weather safety

The DVA265PA+ is equipped with a powerful automatic variation control system, called “Grand Froid”, which ensures and maintains a positive temperature inside the cellar even if the outside temperature drops. This ensures that your wine will not freeze. However, make sure that the outside temperature remains above 0°C.

Manage your wine cellar register with the Vinotag® app!

The Vinotag® application allows you to establish a digital wine cellar register. Be alerted of your stock level and the peak dates of your bottles to fully enjoy the aromas of your mature wine.
Thanks to our partnership with Vivino®, access detailed wine information by simply taking a picture of your bottle labels before placing them in your cellar.
Then indicate in the application where you want to place your bottle, so that you can find it effortlessly when you need it.

Key features

  • 2 adjustable feet (height 2.5 cm)
  • 2 castors
  • Noise level : 37 dB
  • Charcoal filter
  • 5 fixed PREMIUM 1/62 shelves
  • White LED lighting with switch
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Adjustable temperature: 8 – 18°C
  • Natural humidity control
  • Electronic thermometer (black)
  • Lock

Additional information

Capacity (bottles)

264 bottles

Product categories

+ 170 bottles

Energy class

Class G

Size of the cellar

W 62 x D 71 x H 186 cm

Product categories

Free Standing

Reversible door


Cooling system

Fan assisted cooling



Use of the cellar



Single zone



Noise level dB

37 dB

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