Activated carbon filter FILTRE6

The essential accessory for maintaining a clean, healthy environment in your Avintage wine cellar is the FILTRE6 activated carbon filter. It filters and purifies the air inside the cellar, protecting the wines stored there. Make sure it’s compatible with your wine cellar model.


Why use a carbon filter in your cellar?

To purify the air inside your Avintage ageing cellar or multi-purpose cellar, consider using a FILTRE6 activated carbon filter. It removes impurities and unpleasant odours from the air.

When should I change my carbon filter?

For optimum performance, it should be replaced once a year. In this way, your wines will be able to flourish in a healthy environment without any risk of spoilage.

Which cellars is FILTRE6 compatible with?

FILTRE6 is compatible with the AVI110DZB1 wine cellar model.

Note: it is important to remove the protection before installing the new filter in your wine cellar, to ensure it works properly.

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