COLLECTOR 1/62 wooden shelf

Collector 1/62 Bordeaux/Burgundy reversible wooden shelf for wine cellars.


Wooden shelf COLLECTOR 1/62

Reversible wooden shelf Bordeaux/Burgundy Collector 1/62 for wine cellars.

The COLLECTOR 1/62 reversible shelf

Ideal for Bordeaux and/or Burgundy wines, this shelf was invented to allow simple, efficient, safe and practical storage. The first side is designed to hold 75cl Bordeaux bottles and the second side is designed to hold 75cl Burgundy bottles.

Load capacity in fixed configuration: 60kg

Graphic indication of the type of bottles

A pyrographic indication of the type of bottle appears on each side of the shelf, showing you which side to use according to your collection.

What if the shelf could slide?

For greater convenience and comfort, we recommend converting the COLLECTOR shelf into a sliding shelf with the simple installation of our RAILV3 rail kit.

Which wine cellar is the COLLECTOR 1/62 shelf compatible with?

The wooden shelf, an essential accessory for free-standing wine cellars, is compatible with the following Avintage cellars: DVP265G/ DVA265PA+.

Additional information

Dimensions brutes

W 60,5 x D 57,5 x H 5,5 cm

Dimensions nettes

W 48 x D 51 x H 2,1 cm

Poids brut

3,13 kg

Poids net

2,93 kg



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